Tuesday 20 March 2018

Migrants 'attack' pensioners who stood up for woman they were harassing on Munich metro

Shocking footage appears to show migrants attacking two pensioners who try to protect a woman after she spurned one of the men's advances

Charlotte Krol

Distressing footage purports to show migrants attacking German pensioners after they allegedly stood up for a young woman one of the men was harassing on a Munich subway.

Video recorded by a passenger over the weekend shows one of the migrants holding a pensioner by the arms and verbally abusing him.

Another migrant fights with a second pensioner who he then holds up by the neck and threatens.

Passengers aboard the train, which was travelling from Sendlinger Tor to Munich's city centre, are seen shouting at the migrants as the scuffle continues.

The woman was apparently approached by one of the migrants moments before the fight.

Facebook user Tom Roth, who uploaded the video, said: "I think (the migrant) had his hand on her back.

"As the train (moved on) the asylum seeker hit with full force against the glass.

"Several older gentlemen called that he should stop."

Police have reportedly been alerted to the incident.


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