Thursday 14 November 2019

Megan Stammers: Teenager tells teacher 'Age is overrated, I'm infatuated'

The pair, who also discussed running away together, have not been seen since fleeing to the continent last Thursday evening, when they took a ferry from Dover to Calais.
The pair, who also discussed running away together, have not been seen since fleeing to the continent last Thursday evening, when they took a ferry from Dover to Calais.
Megan Stammers' mother Danielle Wilson and stepfather Martin Stammers speak to the media at Sussex Police Headquarters
CCTV image showing the black Ford Fiesta owned by Jeremy Forrest being driven to Dover.
Jeremy Forrest and Megan Stammers. Photo: PA

RUNAWAY schoolgirl Megan Stammers and her married maths teacher Jeremy Forrest had been exchanging messages on Twitter for at least six months, each posting cryptic messages and song lyrics about being in love.

Forrest, 30, wrote online about “sacrificing his sanity” to be with the one he loved and described feeling “helpless” and desperate to be with someone who was apparently unobtainable.

In July, he admitted that he was “looking forward to September quite a lot”.

Many of his tweets are song lyrics written by various bands but almost all concern relationship problems and an apparently difficult scenario.

On July 1, Megan wrote: "I just want to get on a train / in a car and go somewhere with you." She added: "Bored/tired/hungry/looking gross."

That day, Forrest tweeted: "I want to go everywhere with you baby, & for the record you never look anything less than absolutely beautiful...

A few days earlier, he wrote: “Your beauty took my breath away, in awe all day ...”

The amateur musician, from Ringmer, near Lewes, disclosed that he “only ever tweeted for one person”. In June, he wrote: “Some things are worth fighting for ...”

He exchanged several messages with Megan, who was then 14, in March, shortly after they returned from a school trip to Los Angeles during which they were spotted holding hands.

In one message to Forrest, the teenager, who refers to him as Jeremy, wrote: “I'm only sorry that I couldn't contain my laughter last lesson.” And in another she said: “Too many things keep me awake!!! Are you not sleeping either?!”

On March 19 she wrote: "Tomorrow will be better, I hope. And hope you had a good day today!"

In her profile, Megan describes herself as a "fashion obsessed nostalgic loner" who likes making daisy chains and scribbling on notepads.

Many of her messages concern the trials and tribulations of a romance and several coded references make reference to her age.

“Age is overrated,” she wrote, and, “I’m probably just infatuated.”

In May, she tweeted: “Liking being around someone and their company so much that you just want to be with them 24/7 ... but you can't even get 5 minutes with them.”

A few days earlier, she wrote: “I've discovered that continuously trying to convince yourself not to care so much about someone only makes you care about them more.”

That month, she also declared that she stopped needing to over-analysing everything, admitting that it could not be healthy.

On one occasion, she declared: "I can only think of one solution right now, but it's permanent."

In March, she suggested that she was going to have to conceal the true nature of her relationship with someone, writing: “It's a bit sad that I feel like I'm gonna have to start being blunt to someone just so people don't get the wrong idea about me and him.”

On one occasion, she repeatedly apologised to Forrest for her behaviour the previous evening, stating that she was embarrassed and had a terrible headache, asking him if her hated her.

She also made frequent references to her love of maths, describing how she could not stop laughing through one lesson and how she had run to school when she thought maths was the first lesson.

On March 19, she wrote to Forrest: “Will you stop checking up on me! ;-) hahaha I know!”

The pair both use pseudonyms on the social networking site.

Victoria Ward,

Irish Independent

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