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Mayor loses defamation case over suggestion she was character in book who performed sex act on Nicolas Sarkozy


Nicolas Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy

THE MAYOR of a small French town has lost a defamation case over claims she was a character who performed a sex act on former President Nicolas Sarkozy in a book.

Marie-Josee Roig, the mayor of the town of the Avignon, claimed she was identifiable in a fictional book published two years ago.

The book had said a ‘loose woman’ with ‘no morality’ had performed oral sex on the president to gain a subsidy.

Her lawyers claimed she could be  identified as the ‘Mrs P’ character.

Defence lawyers claimed she was not identifiable – Mrs P was the mayor of a town with 150,000 inhabitants, whereas Avignon only has 90,000.

My Roig’s lawyers it was defamatory to claim that she had performed a sexual favour to get a grant.

However defence lawyers pointed out that there had been many names circulated suggested as the inspiration of ‘Mrs P’ character.

The author testified that the character was in fact a mixture of three people.

Earlier this week the judge dismissed the case - ruling that despite the mayor’s claims, she was not identifiable as the character in the book.

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