Sunday 25 February 2018

Max Clifford impersonated Hollywood stars to get women perform sex acts on him

Publicist found guilty of sex assault pretended to be movie bigwigs and told women to ‘do things’ to Clifford

Max Clifford used a host of fake names and aliases to manipulate his victims into performing sex acts on him - even pretending to impersonate Hollywood bigwigs including Cubby Broccoli, Charles Bronson and Michael Winner.

The trial heard that a common technique for getting young women to be at his command was to call them on the phone under one of these guises and tell them to do things to Clifford.

The PR guru openly admitted putting on a "gay voice" and pretending to be a man named Terry Denton but denied impersonating anyone else.

During cross-examination he even claimed that he put on the voice of Denton so he could "check out" how truthful the women he was calling were.

"Sometimes, you know, it's the way of finding out the truth about people very quickly," he said.

"Are they reliable? Are they trustworthy?

"I was working, mixing with stars, famous people, successful people, that gave opportunities if they (other people) wanted to take advantage."

Jurors heard from an extra in a James Bond film who was about 20 when Clifford suggested he become her agent after she landed a minor part in 1983 film Octopussy starring Roger Moore.

He told her he could get her a part in the next Bronson film, but the American actor would need to see some photos of her in lingerie before casting her.

After posing for him for what she suspected were fake photos, Clifford claimed to be on the phone to Bronson and passed it to her before leaving the room.

She said she spoke to a man with an American accent who told her he was looking forward to meeting her before Clifford re-entered the room and she passed him back the phone.

Another woman who fell victim to Clifford spoke of how she had a phone conversation with a man claiming to be Hollywood film producer Albert "Cubby" Broccoli. He told her to check if Clifford was circumcised.

The woman, who was about 18 when the incident happened in the early 1980s, broke down in tears as she told of how Clifford later forced her to masturbate him and she feared he would rape her.

One victim spoke of how she was promised a role by Clifford, 71, alongside Blade Runner actor Rutger Hauer.

She said she visited his Bond Street offices as a 16-year-old in 1988 and was told by Clifford she needed to talk to the film's director to "audition'' and directed her to go to the department store Fenwick and answer a public telephone.

She said she went to the phone and a man called who said he was the director. He spoke with a "feminine voice'' and told her to return to Clifford's office and find his "Achilles' heel''.

She said that when she returned to his offices, Clifford exposed himself to her before telling her to return to the phone box at the store.

During the second conversation with the purported director, he told her to return to Clifford's office and find his "weakness''.

She said that once again, the defendant exposed himself to her, before leading her to a toilet and making her masturbate him.

And another woman told of how Clifford coerced her into performing a sex act on him after telling her she could become a star of 1980s TV show Dynasty.

Clifford told her he would get the director, Aaron Spelling, to phone her about it, and later she had a call from someone speaking in a camp American accent who identified himself as Spelling.

The caller told her he was sure that Clifford fancied him, but had a hang-up about the size of his penis, and that was why Clifford would not have a relationship with him.

She was later made to recount the conversation to Clifford, who then walked around his desk, took his trousers down, and made her masturbate him.

Another woman - who was not assaulted by the defendant but worked for him in 1982 - told the court she would often hear him on the phone pretending to be film director Winner, telling girls to wear short skirts, low tops and no knickers to Clifford's office.

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