Tuesday 23 January 2018

Matador Victor Barrio gored to death during bullfight live on TV

Will Worley

A matador has been fatally gored in Spain during a bullfight - the first professional bullfighter to be killed in the ring in more than three decades.

Victor Barrio, 29, was pronounced dead late on Saturday by a surgeon at the bullring in the eastern town of Teruel.

Barrio was first gored in the thigh by the 1,166lbs bull's left horn and his body was flipped over. He was gored a second time in the chest and the blow penetrated a lung and his aorta.

Doctors were at this side almost immediately, but attempts to save his life were unsuccessful.

The goring was broadcast live on television.

The bull was called Maños, according to El Mundo, and weighed 529 kilos.

He was the first professional matador to die during a bullfight in Spain since 1985.

Press Association

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