Saturday 20 July 2019

Manager called employee 'pissy pants' after being told of bladder infection, tribunal told

A manager called a female sales executive "pissy pants" and told her she was up all night having sex after she informed him about her bladder problem, a tribunal has heard.

Diana Nicholl-Pierson, 24, and Anna Mazover, 29, also a sales executive, have taken Darren Scott to an employment tribunal in London, claiming they were subjected to sexual harassment during the month they worked at Entico Corporation Limited last year before they were both dismissed "without notice".

In her witness statement, Ms Nicholl-Pierson said that along with Ms Mazover, she was "subjected to constant sexual comments, sexual advances and sexual innuendos" on a daily basis by sales director Mr Scott.

On one occasion, Ms Nicholl-Pierson said she apologised to Mr Scott, who is "around 55" according to her statement, about having to come later to work due to seeing her doctor about a bladder problem.

She told the tribunal that what followed was "the most humiliating experience of my life".

In her statement, she said Mr Scott said to her: "If you think I believe this for one minute, I don't.

"I know you were up all night f******."

Ms Nicholl-Pierson said he called her "pissy pants" over and over, and in an open office said: "You know what is wrong with you? Too much of this."

And while he said this, she alleges he repeatedly punched his fist against the palm of his hand, which she says was him referring to sex.

Ms Nicholl-Pierson also claims Mr Scott would go over to her desk and hand her pieces of tissue.

Mr Scott's lawyer, Adam Gadd, said of the allegation: "That didn't happen."

The two claimants say Mr Scott would talk to them about having sex with prostitutes, visiting lap dancing clubs, taking cocaine and said he would make comments about their appearance.

Yesterday the tribunal heard he told them they would "prosper within the company" if they had a threesome with him.

Mr Gadd described the claims as "absurd" and a "fabrication", and specifically described the threesome claim as "fantasy".

Mr Scott denies all the allegations.

Entico is a company that delivers publications and online content for the environmental and development sector, and works closely with the United Nations, national and international governments, Ms Mazover said in her statement.

The two women started at the company in May last year - Ms Nicholl-Pierson on May 13, and Ms Mazover on May 20 - and they were dismissed on June 14.

Ms Nicholl-Pierson claims she was sexually assaulted by Mr Scott twice on the same day.

The first alleged assault occurred on the stairs after a fire drill, when she said Mr Scott "started touching the top of my thighs and also my bottom from the outside of my skirt".

The second alleged assault was when Ms Nicholl-Pierson said Mr Scott groped her and "squeezed my bottom" outside a restaurant.

Regarding this alleged incident, she said she suggested to police to gather CCTV footage in order to prove it happened.

Ms Nicholl-Pierson said she would notice Mr Scott's eyes "leering at me", adding: "He would address my chest instead of my face."

She recalled her first day at the company when she claims Mr Scott was insinuating that her nipples were erect.

Attempting to re-enact the tone of voice she claims he used with her, she said he remarked to her: "God, it must be cold outside, you must be freezing." Ms Nicholl-Pierson told the tribunal: "He hated older women and he loved young women."

She claims Mr Scott named other members of staff to her and said they were "too old and ugly for me and they are no good for a relationship or sex".

Ms Nicholl-Pierson was asked to demonstrate the way in which she said Mr Scott would sit back in chair with his legs open, but she said she could not spread her legs that wide.

She was also asked to demonstrate what she described as Mr Scott's "perverted face".

"It's really disgusting," she said.

Mr Gadd said the way in which Mr Scott opens his legs is a "stress reliever".

Ms Nicholl-Pierson claimed on one occasion Mr Scott spread his legs so wide that he fell backwards off his chair and other employees had to come to his aid.

"I've never seen an individual behave like this in my life. It's disgusting," she said.

Ms Nicholl-Pierson claims that Mr Scott would make sexual remarks to her about her boyfriend.

She said he said to her she is "only with him because he is big and black and has a big d*ck".

The claimant said he would ask her if her boyfriend is "performing well in the bedroom".

She claims he said: "Wouldn't you sooner like me with more money to take you out and it's more exciting?"

Ms Nicholl-Pierson said one time when she bent over to pick up her bag, Mr Scott said he had been watching her bend over.

She claims he said this while opening his legs wide and at the same time "grinning and simulating sexual excitement".

Ms Nicholl-Pierson said she recalls one occasion when Mr Scott was discussing synchronised swimming with Ms Mazover, and allegedly said: "If Diana swam, she would never drown and she would just float because of the size of her boobs."

Ms Nicholl-Pierson said Mr Scott would tell her he would pick up strippers from strip clubs for sex, and claims he told her they "stole his designer shoes because he had small feet".

"He'd make out he had several women that were very interested in him and had relations in him," she told the tribunal.

Mr Gadd said Mr Scott never said any of these things.

The women had raised their complaints about Mr Scott with other colleagues, including HR, before they were dismissed, they said.

Mr Scott denies all the allegations against him.

The claimants' lawyer Michael McDonough told reporters Ms Mazover was seeking around £41,000 and Ms Nicholl-Pierson was seeking around £67,000.

The tribunal continues tomorrow at 10am when Ms Nicholl-Pierson's cross-examination will continue.

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