Friday 23 August 2019

Man who subjected woman to racial abuse forced to leave train by fellow passengers

Ms. Rehman was travelling on Newcastle's Metro when the incident occured
Credit:Newcastle Metro
Ms. Rehman was travelling on Newcastle's Metro when the incident occured Credit:Newcastle Metro

Sarah-Jane Murphy

A woman who was subjected to racist abuse as she travelled on a train has thanked the bystanders who came to her aid.

Ruhi Rehman (23) from Newcastle, was travelling on the Metro when a man shouted at her to 'get off the train'.

Despite the fact that Ms Rehman was sitting quietly with her sister in their seats, the man persisted and even accused her of plotting to detonate a bomb.

Many of the travellers on the train were football fans and did not hide their disgust at the man's actions, demanding he leave her alone before forcing him off the Metro.

As the unidentified left the train in shame, other passengers cheered and clapped. report that Ms Rehman has thanked those who helped saying that the true Geordie spirit had shone through as people came to her defence.

"‘He was saying stuff like “this is my country” and my sister told him we were born here and it was our country too.

"Then the other passengers started getting involved, telling him to leave us alone.

"Then he said to them “what, do you want her to bomb this train?”

She said that there was no violence but that the atmosphere was tense.

"I’d never seen anything like it," she said.

"I have never felt more proud of being a Geordie. It was lovely that everyone came together to help us and I can’t thank them all enough."

Ms Rehman admitted feeling apprehensive of anti-Muslim hate crimes since the Paris terror attacks.

However she said the encounter on the train made her feel "really optimistic and hopeful".

The company that operate the Metro in Newcastle, DB Regio Tyne and Wear, said in a statement that police are investigating the incident.

"We will work with them to help trace those responsible," she said.

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