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Man repeatedly smashed cat's head into wall

A man killed a cat when he picked it up by a hind leg and repeatedly swung it head-first into a wall, a court has heard.

Jason Metcalfe (29) flew into a drunken rage when female tabby Bonnie approached him in the street in Earby, Lancashire. A nine-year-old girl witnessed the attack.

Pennine Magistrates' Court was told the recovering alcoholic had relapsed on the day of the incident after he drank six cans of Carlsberg Special Brew.

Metcalfe, of Kenilworth Drive, who pleaded guilty, could not remember the incident on September 28 last year when he was interviewed by the RSPCA the following day.

He committed the assault, which carries a maximun sentence of six months, weeks after getting a suspended jail term for a separate offence. The case was adjourned until April 1 and Metcalfe was released on bail.

Irish Independent