Tuesday 16 January 2018

Man held hostages at school with fake gun

A man who took hostages at a school complex just south of Paris used a "fake firearm", an official said.

All hostages were released unharmed and a suspect was detained after yesterday's incident.

Patrick Dallennes, a top official in the Val de Marne region, said: "It wasn't a firearm he used but a fake one with gas cartridges . . . without the capacity to kill."

The drama began as parents dropped their children off at the complex, which was being used as a summer camp.

The alleged hostage-taker was incoherent in his talks with police and his motivations remain unclear.

The complex is in the town of Vitry-sur-Seine, a commuter town with residents from a variety of socio-economic classes.

Most hostages, who included children, were freed fairly quickly, police said, though one parent was held for several hours. All were unhurt.

Irish Independent

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