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Macron promises crackdown on Mont Blanc's litter louts



Emmanuel Macron. Photo: Reuters

Emmanuel Macron. Photo: Reuters


Emmanuel Macron. Photo: Reuters

Emmanuel Macron has promised to protect Mont Blanc from littering tourists months after a Briton sparked outrage by leaving a rowing machine near the summit.

The French president, who will visit Europe's highest alp today, is to announce measures to keep the mountain clean, including a squad of biodiversity police and fines for rule-breaking climbers.

It comes after he received a public dressing-down from Jean-Marc Peillex, mayor of Saint-Gervais on the French side of Mont Blanc, for failing to protect it from "wackos".

"Mr president, tackling the Amazonian forests is all well and good," he wrote in an open letter. "But to ignore what is going on on Mont Blanc and allowing disrespect to continue is no longer tolerable".

A UK Royal Marines veteran attempted to scale the 4,809m peak with a rowing machine on his back last August, only to abandon the device less than 1,500ft from the summit.

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