Sunday 18 August 2019

Lorry driver swerves at refugees because 'rules no longer exist in Calais'

The moment the lorry swerves into one group of migrants Credit: Á. Levente Jeddi \ YouTube
The moment the lorry swerves into one group of migrants Credit: Á. Levente Jeddi \ YouTube

David Kearns

A lorry driver allegedly filmed himself swerving towards a group of refugees in Calais.

In the expletive-laden footage the driver can clearly be seen crossing two lanes on a dual carriageway towards a group of migrants walking away from the ferry port in the French town.

The driver swerves towards one group scattering the men before doing it two other times.

The lorry almost hits one of the men who is slow to react, while others further up the road who witnessed the driver’s actions begin throwing items at the vehicle as it passes.

Purportedly uploaded to the driver’s own YouTube channel, the incident happens at the five minute mark.

The video has viewed 2.4 million times.

According to reports, the driver shouts in Hungarian a series of expletives at the men as he drives at them, including: “Come on then, f*** the lot of you!”

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At another point in the video, the driver becomes aware that a migrant has climbed into the gap between the lorry and its trailer.

He shouts: “If you cut my pneumatic lines, I’ll kill you, you c*********. Get down off there!

“Don’t bend my mirror, you c c********* moron, go f*** yourself… I need this mirror.”

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Speaking at the end of the video, the driver says: “So, quite a trip, eh, these last six kilometres?

“Can you imagine what it’s like, at night, after the sun sets?”

Defending his actions in the comment section of the video, the driver apologises for his language but says the video shows that "Calais is more like a war zone, where the rules do not seem to exist”.

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