Thursday 22 March 2018

Learn from daughter's needless drug death, say parents

Terri Judd in London

THE parents of a teenager who died of a suspected drug overdose urged others to learn from the tragedy as mourners gathered to remember her yesterday.

Isobel Reilly (15) was at a party with other teenagers at a friend's home in London when she collapsed after taking drugs believed to have been found in the house. She died in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Police said that Brian Dodgeon (60), a university academic who had left the teenagers unsupervised in his house, had been arrested on suspicion of possession of drugs as well as child abandonment, but he was released on police bail.

Mr Dodgeon's daughter Beatrice Hadjipateras (14) and two boys of the same age were taken to hospital.


Police sources said they were investigating whether the schoolchildren had taken drugs, including ecstasy and ketamine, found in the house.

Mr Dodgeon's partner, Angela Hadjipateras, was with her daughter in hospital last night.

Police said they had not ruled out questioning her on suspicion of child abandonment.

Isobel's parents, Patrick Reilly and Lynne Jones, said: "Isobel's family and friends are devastated and heartbroken. We hope that if anything positive comes from this dreadful event, it is that others will make the right decisions."

Yesterday nearly 100 friends from Chiswick Community School gathered in a local park for an impromptu memorial. Teenagers wept as they described Isobel as "a vibrant person", an "outgoing soul" and someone who was "always laughing".

Neighbours said that a raucous drunken party had taken place after Mr Dodgeon and Ms Hadjipateras had left their west-London home for the night.

Isobel's friends called the emergency services but she was beyond saving.

Mr Dodgeon is due to return for police questioning in June.

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