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Leader of child rape gang is unmasked


Shabir Ahmed

Shabir Ahmed

Shabir Ahmed

The ringleader of a gang of Asian men who groomed young white girls for sex can finally be unmasked after he was found guilty of 30 child rape charges.

Shabir Ahmed (59) led a child sex exploitation ring of nine men who targeted vulnerable young girls in the Rochdale and Oldham areas of Greater Manchester.

He was jailed for 19 years last month.

But Ahmed could not be named as he was awaiting trial on separate child rape charges.

The court heard that he raped and sexually abused a young Asian girl over many years.

Ahmed wearing a black Lonsdale tracksuit top, smirked as the jury returned the unanimous verdicts.

The court heard that because of the abuse the victim "rejected the idea of ever marrying or having a sexual relationship with a man of her choosing" because of the impact of what she had suffered.

Judge Khokhar adjourned sentencing until August 2 for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

The Liverpool case caused tensions in the local community, leading to takeaways being attacked in Heywood and right-wing protests outside the court.

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