Friday 23 February 2018

Large Hadron Collider timeline

Richard Alleyne

Large Hadron Collider - a short history of events:

10 September 2008 - scientists successfully fire first protons around the tunnel

19 September 2008 - a malfunction causes a loss of approximately six tons of liquid helium.

23 September 2008 - closed for repairs initially until Spring 2009 but then until summer and then until autumn.

06 November 2009 - a bird drops a bit of a baguette into the machine causing further delays

30 November 2009 - LHC becomes the world's highest energy particle accelerator achieving 1.18 trillion electron volts (TeV)

16 December 2009 - First collisions made at 2.36 TeV

10 March 2010 - Dr Steve Myers, of CERN, announces that it will close at the end of 2011 for up to a year for repairs

19 March 2010 - LHC reaches 3.5 TeV, three times the power of any previous collider.

30 March 2010 - At 12.06pm British time, the first high energy collisions recorded a total energy of 7 TeV

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