Sunday 17 December 2017

Knox called 'diabolical she-devil' as lawyer unleashes angry tirade

Nick Pisa in Perugia

Amanda Knox was subjected to a brutal character assassination as she was described as a "diabolical, Satanic, demonic she-devil," by a lawyer representing the man she initially accused of murder.

Knox (24) is serving 26 years for the brutal killing of student Meredith Kercher (21), who was found semi-naked and with her throat cut in a bedroom of the house they shared with two other women.

Initially she had blamed the murder on bar owner Patrick Lumumba (39), who was arrested in a dawn raid in front of his stunned wife and baby.

Knox said that she "remembered Patrick killing Meredith" and that she had stayed in the kitchen covering her "ears to drown out the screams".

Congolese-born Mr Lumumba was kept in custody for two weeks before being released and under Italian law is entitled to sue Knox and Sollecito for slander because her false statement put him in jail.

Yesterday, his lawyer Carlo Pacelli launched a furious tirade against her and said: "She falsely blamed Lumumba when she knew he was innocent.

"After poor Meredith, the second victim in all this is Patrick Lumumba -- Amanda destroyed him as a man, husband, father; she muddied his character.

"The woman you see before you. . . is a diabolical, Satanic, demonic she-devil, She's muddy on the outside and dirty on the inside. She has two souls, the clean one you see before you and the other."


He added: "She is borderline. She likes alcohol, drugs and she likes hot, wild sex."

As he spoke, Knox looked intently at the judge and jury. Knox and her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito have denied any involvement in the murder and have insisted they were at his home all night when the murder took place.

Sollecito, from Giovinazzo near Bari, is serving 25 years. They have based their appeal on an independent court report that has dismissed the original police forensic investigation. Prosecutors said they would take the case to a third and final appeal, if Knox and Sollecito are cleared.

Following the independent report which poured scorn on the original investigation, both Knox and Sollecito have high hopes of being released when the court returns its verdict next week. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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