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Kate McCann comes face to face with ex-police chief


Kate McCann

Kate McCann

 Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann


Kate McCann

KATE MCCANN came face to face with the police detective she and her husband Gerry are suing for €750k out a Lisbon court today.

Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral (56) was accused of hampering the search for Madeline McCann,  who was then nearly four when she disappeared from her family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, on May 3 2007.

Her parents were dining at a nearby tapas restaurant with friends.

Lawyers for Goncalo Amaral, 56, delayed the civil court hearing  in Lisbon with a petition to hold the hearing behind closed doors. The move was dismissed by the judge,  however.  

Mrs McCann was sitting beside her mother as Amaral walked by her.

Neither party acknowledged each other as they passed by. 

Isabel Duarte, lawyer for the McCanns said she would fight to get Mr Amaral's petition for a closed hearing rejected.

Mrs McCann's attendance in court is understood to be against the advice of Scotland Yard detectives who are attempting to begin their own investigation in the Algarve to solve the six-year mystery.

The couple are suing detective Goncalo Amaral for £1m (€750,000) over allegations he made about the fate of Madeleine, who disappeared from an apartment in Praia da Luz shortly before her fourth birthday in May 2007.

It is feared Mrs McCann's presence in Portugal will provoke a media circus and further aggravate Portuguese authorities as the Scotland Yard team seeks co-operation to carry out their inquiries on Portuguese soil.

A source said: "Met police are worried it will create a bigger platform for Mr Amaral and his supporters to spout more bile and could damage their own inquiries in the country."

Neither Mr nor Mrs McCann are due to give evidence in the libel trial against Mr Amaral, who headed the initial investigation into their daughter's disappearance which led to the couple being named as suspects.Instead, Dave Edgar, a private investigator hired by the family to search for Madeleine, and Michael Wright, husband of Mrs McCann's cousin Anne-Marie, will tell the hearing how Mr Amaral's "poisonous lies" have nearly destroyed the family. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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