Saturday 24 February 2018

Karma Chameleon - Exotic creature named 'Boy George' found beneath a tree in Wales

The colourful creature that was found just outside Cardiff
Credit: RSPCA
The colourful creature that was found just outside Cardiff Credit: RSPCA

Sarah-Jane Murphy

A psychedelic chameleon has been found in Wales after storm force winds blew it out of a tree where it was sheltering.

The brightly coloured creature is usually found in warm habitats such as rain forests and deserts in Africa, Asia, Sri Lanka and the Middle East.

Members of the public contacted the RSPCA after the chameleon was spotted in Llanishen in Cardiff.

The find has puzzled RSPCA officers who immediately placed the animal in a vivarium, ensuring that it is exposed to the warm temperatures that it's accustomed to.

The lizard has been named Boy George, and local vets believe that it may have escaped from its owners and managed to climb a tree to take shelter from Storm Desmond.

RSPCA inspector Selina Chan said that when the chameleon was rescued he was alert and mobile but very cold.

"It could be a case of an escapee and the owner could be desperately searching for it.

"He was given a veterinary examination and he was dehydrated but otherwise fine.

"He has been given some fluids and was placed in a vivarium," she said.

The colourful lizard was transferred to an exotics specialist where it is recovering from its chilly ordeal.

RSPCA officials are now desperately trying to track down anyone who may have information about the reptile.

"We also don't know how it came to be in a tree and how he fell out of it.

"We hope this reptile isn't another exotic pet that's been sadly abandoned," Ms. Chan said.

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