Thursday 14 December 2017

Karadzic back in front of war crimes tribunal

Arthur Max in The Hague

Radovan Karadzic, accused of the greatest mass murder in Europe in half a century, is having his day in court.

The former Bosnian Serb leader outlines his defence today at the resumption of his genocide trial, one of the last and largest cases brought to the UN war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

From past remarks and the blizzard of motions he has filed to the court, Karadzic's main contentions are already clear: Bosnia's Serbs were being persecuted and murdered by Muslims, he will say, while the West betrayed the Serbs, secretly violating a Balkans arms embargo to smuggle weapons to their enemies.

Karadzic (64) faces two counts of genocide and nine other counts of murder, extermination, persecution, forced deportation and the seizing of 200 UN hostages.

Prosecutors say Karadzic orchestrated a campaign to destroy the Muslim and Croat communities in eastern Bosnia to create an ethnically pure Serbian state.

He denies this, but has made no formal plea.

Irish Independent

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