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Judge who swore retires from bench

A JUDGE who swore and stormed out of an English court when she was convicted of failing to control her dangerous dog will not face disciplinary action after retiring "on medical grounds", the Office for Judicial Complaints has said.

Beatrice Bolton, of Rothbury, Northumberland, had branded the verdict "a f****** travesty" when she was convicted of allowing her German Shepherd to bite a neighbour and was fined £2,500 (€3,000).

Hayley Mills tells of cancer battle

FORMER child star Hayley Mills has revealed that she fought a secret battle with breast cancer. The 65-year-old, daughter of the late actor John Mills, said she was given the diagnosis in 2008.

The 'Wild At Heart' actress told 'Good Housekeeping' magazine that she wanted to open up about the experience following her recovery.

Fans toast club with original ale

SUPPORTERS of the world's oldest football league club can raise a glass to toast its 150th anniversary with real ale brewed to celebrate the milestone.

Pie Eyed 150 has been launched to mark Notts County FC's special date and has gone on sale at the Meadow Lane ground and at pubs across the region.

Broody shark is looking for a mate

A BROODY shark may be set up with a European lover in a matchmaking attempt by a British sea life centre. Female zebra shark Athena has produced hundreds of eggs at Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre in Britain.

The aquatic centre has put a call out to sea-life centres across Europe in a bid to find a male shark to fertilise them.

Court is to decide on sniffing limits

THE US Supreme Court has to decide if a police dog's sniff outside a house give officers the right under the constitution to get a search warrant for illegal drugs.

Florida's highest state court has said the ability of sniffer dog 'Franky' to detect marijuana growing inside a house from outside the front door crossed the constitutional line. The state's attorney general has appealed that ruling to the Supreme Court.

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