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Jealous husband in fashion bonfire

A nightclub owner sent his wife's £15,000 (€18,933) collection of designer clothes up in flames after suspecting her of infidelity because she was sending so many text messages.

Anthony Mead (58) doused the garments in petrol and watched them burn as his children looked on.

Mead became enraged after a day out in which Sutheera Ashley-Mead (50) kept sending text messages. Convinced that she was contacting a lover, he asked his wife of seven years to leave their £945,000 (€1,192,835) home in Essex.

Mrs Ashley-Mead refused, prompting him to storm into a bedroom and grab designer dresses before throwing petrol over them.

The couple's three children watched as Mead lit the clothes then sat on a bench to watch them burn.

Mead admitted arson.

Paul Torn, defending, told Colchester Magistrates' Court yesterday that his client had been under pressure.

"The family had a day out and Mrs Ashley-Mead had been on her phone texting quite a lot. It raised suspicion."

The couple have separated since the incident. (©Daily Telegraph London)

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