Friday 15 December 2017

Ireland 'no sanctuary' for bad parents

Brian Farmer

A HIGH Court judge in London has warned parents who fear that children might be taken into care by English or Welsh local authorities against travelling to Ireland in an attempt to seek 'sanctuary'.

Mr Justice Stephen Cobb said such a move was futile because UK and Irish courts took a similar approach.

Irish judges had "exhibited no intention" of establishing Ireland as a "sanctuary for families from other jurisdictions", he added.

The judge made his comments in a written ruling on a case heard in London in the Family Division of the High Court.

A couple said they had gone to Ireland "purposely" to avoid their child "being stolen" by a local authority that had launched care proceedings.

But Mr Justice Cobb said the couple's plan had backfired because the child had immediately been made the subject of care proceedings in Ireland.

"This case serves to highlight just how futile, and potentially damaging to the infant child, was the course which the parents embarked upon," said the judge.

Irish Independent

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