Wednesday 21 February 2018

Inventor 'slept for a time' after journalist died on board submarine before burying her at sea - court

Inventor says Swedish reporter was 'killed by hatch in homemade submarine falling on her'

Kim Wall
Kim Wall

Jon Sharman

Swedish journalist Kim Wall died in an accident when she was hit by a heavy hatch cover on board a homemade submarine, the Danish owner of the submarine told a court.

Peter Madsen was holding the hatch for Wall as they sailed in the strait between Denmark and Sweden last month on a submarine he had built, he told a Danish court on Tuesday.

“I lose my foothold and the hatch shuts,” he said. “Kim had been severely hurt and was laying with an intense bleeding. There was a pool of blood where she had landed.”

He said he tried to bury her at sea and intended to take his own life inside the submarine. On August 23, police identified a headless female torso that washed ashore in Copenhagen as Wall’s. The cause of her death has not been determined .

Peter Madsen was rescued before his submarine sank. Photo: Getty Images
Peter Madsen was rescued before his submarine sank. Photo: Getty Images
Danish inventor Peter Madsen with his home-made submarine (Niels Hougaard /Ritzau via AP, File)

The police have charged Madsen with killing the Swedish journalist, a charge carrying a sentence of five years to life in prison. He was arrested after his submarine sank and he was rescued.

The Copenhagen district court will rule on whether to extend his custody and on what charges.

Ms Wall was an experienced foreign correspondent who had reported from Uganda, Haiti and Sri Lanka. Her mother said: “She gave voice to the weak, vulnerable and marginalised people. That voice had been needed for a long, long time, now it has been silenced.”

Police announced last month they believed Ms Wall’s body had been weighed down “likely with the purpose to make it sink”.

During the hearing the inventor said he did not know what to do after Wall died and he went  to sleep for a few hours because he was "tired and exhausted".

He did not offer any explanation as to why her body washed up dismembered and said he threw her body overboard intact.

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