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Internet sensation walrus Freya may have to be put down as fans are stressing her out too much


Freya the walrus. Photo: Getty Images

Freya the walrus. Photo: Getty Images

Freya the walrus. Photo: Getty Images

A “stressed” celebrity walrus will be put down unless crowds of gawping fans stop gathering to take photos and videos of the marine mammal.

The tusked star shot to fame in Norway after sunbathing in an Oslo fjord and winning adulation on social media for her habit of heaving her 1,300lb body into nearby boats.

Smitten Norwegians have named her Freya after the Norse goddess of love, battle, sex and death, but her fame could now carry a deadly downside. Her adoring public have continually ignored guidance from the authorities to give her a wide berth.

Instead mobs have crowded near Freya, who first appeared in the Norwegian waters last month, to watch and film her on their smartphones and then post the results online.

Norway’s fisheries directorate has warned it is considering euthanising Freya because she is getting stressed by the attention and could lash out.

“The public’s reckless behaviour and failure to follow authorities’ recommendations could put lives in danger,” said spokesperson Nadia Jdaini.

Walruses are typically slow to anger but the endangered species, which normally lives in the Arctic, can attack people if they feel threatened.

The sea mammals – which live on fish, shellfish and molluscs – need long naps and can sleep up to 20 hours a day.

Ms Jdaini added: “Her health has clearly declined. The walrus is not getting enough rest and the experts we have consulted now suspect that the animal is stressed. We are now exploring other measures, and euthanasia may be a real alternative.” (© Telegraph Media Group Ltd 2022)

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