Wednesday 21 February 2018

Inmates at Moors murderer Ian Brady's psychiatric hospital 'have access to violent and X-rated films'

Ian Brady
Ian Brady

Daniel Johnston,

Some inmates at the psychiatric hospital where Moors murderer Ian Brady is held are able to watch a selection of violent and X-rated horror films, it has been reported.

Prisoners including rapists and murderers are able to access a 750-title film library including films such as Reservoir Dogs, Hostel 1 and 2, Deliverance, Saw V, The Silence of the Lambs and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, according to the Daily Mirror.

Inmates at the Ashworth Hospital in Maghull, near Liverpool, where Brady recently tried to be moved from, also reportedly have access to pornographic videos.

Merseycare, who run the hospital, said the DVDs are not “easily accessible”, adding: “If any request from a patient causes concern for the security team it would be referred to the patient’s clinical care team.”

Other inmates at the maximum security psychiatric institution have included Mark Corner, who murdered two women soon after he was released from a psychiatric unit in 2003, and Richard Gwilym, dubbed “The Cardiff Ripper”, who is alleged to have killed more than five people before his capture.

Last night local Labour MP Bill Esterson, Sefton Central, said the Government needed to make sure rules banning violent or sexual films in regular prisons were applied to psychiatric institutions as well.

Mr Esterson told the newspaper: “Prisoners are not allowed to view certain X-rated DVDs and the same rules should apply to patients at Ashworth who have been convicted of shocking criminal offences.

“This is about protecting the public both now and when patients are released and many people feel that watching this kind of DVD would be totally inappropriate for anyone in prison or in Ashworth who has committed an offence.”

Hostel 2 features of a woman being slit open with a scythe, while Saw V shows a man being cut in half.

A spokesman for Merseycare added: “Each patient’s request is considered individually by the security care team, in line with the NHS Safety and Security Directions 2011”.

Ashworth’s most notorious inmate is Brady, 75, who recently lost a £250,000 legal bid to be transferred to jail.

Brady, who has been at Ashworth since he began a hunger strike in 1999, wanted to be able to starve himself to death in prison, rather than being force-fed through a tube.

Following an eight-day mental health tribunal hearing last month, Judge Robert Atherton announced the tribunal panel’s decision.

He said: “The tribunal has concluded that Mr Ian Stewart Brady continues to suffer from a mental disorder which is of a nature and degree which makes it appropriate for him to continue to receive medical treatment and that it is necessary for his health and safety and for the protection of other persons that he should receive such treatment in hospital and that appropriate medical treatment is available for him.”

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