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In brief: Fox shoots hunter with his own gun

A wounded fox shot its would-be killer in Belarus by pulling the trigger on the hunter's gun as the pair scuffled after the man tried to finish the animal off with the butt of the rifle.

The unnamed hunter, who had approached the fox after wounding it, is in hospital with a leg wound, but the fox escaped.

30pc of couples lie about finances

Three in 10 Americans commit "financial infidelity" by lying to their spouses about money.

The Harris Interactive online poll of 2,019 adults showed 31pc of American couples who have combined finances were not truthful about their finances.

Fat wallet saves bouncer's life

A wallet stuffed with 20 plastic cards and a stroke of luck saved a pub doorman in Germany from serious injury during a knife attack.

A customer ejected from the pub in the city of Witten stabbed the 31-year-old four times in the chest. But a fat wallet in the bouncer's breast pocket stopped the blade from piercing his body.

Tax man targets breast implants

Breast implants, a luxury cruise ship and bank-robbery victims have become the latest targets of Argentine tax inspectors.

Argentines are notorious for evading taxes, and it is common to pay for everything from new cars and houses to breast enlargements with wads of cash.

US executes man who shot his wife

The US state of Alabama has executed a death row inmate for the 1988 shooting death of his estranged wife as he held their 17-month-old daughter in one of his arms.

Fifty-two-year-old Leroy White died by lethal injection despite a plea by his daughter, now 23, that his life be spared. He had no last words.

Allen wants £1m to do interview

Singer Lily Allen has snubbed Piers Morgan's offer of appearing on his 'Life Stories' series, unless he gives £1m (€1.1m) to charity.

The star told Morgan she wanted him to give the money to a stillbirth and neo-natal death charity that supports bereaved parents.

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