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Immigrant illegally living in UK demands to be deported because he is fed up


Manchester Town Hall in Albert Square, where the Iranian man presented himself and demanded to be deported

A man who lived in the UK illegally for the last decade demanded to be sent back to Iran because he “had enough of Manchester”.

The immigrant approached officers in the city centre on Monday night and requested to be taken back to Iran after a decade in the city.

The Greater Manchester police tweeted about the exchange, adding that they had handed over the man to the UK immigration services.

“Very angry young man, who has been here illegally last 10 years,” GMP tweeted.

“Strange incident.”

The “very angry young man” turned up at the town hall counter in the city centre and insisted he be returned to Iran after living in the UK illegally for last ten years.

The today officers joked on Twitter: “Man arrested demanding deportation (fed up after 10 yrs in Manchester) may have to find own way home; was released after immigration liaison.”

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