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'I was hacked too’: Brown twists knife into Murdoch

Former British prime minister Gordon Brown will today break his silence over the News of the World phone hacking scandal by accusing Rupert Murdoch's News International of illegally accessing his personal details, The London Independent has learnt.

In a dramatic intervention in the deepening scandal, the Labour former Prime Minister is understood to be about to claim that private investigators working for the UK's largest newspaper group hacked his phone and accessed his personal bank account.

It is believed that material based on some of the illicitly-obtained information was subsequently used by one of News International's titles.

Mr Brown's decision to make the accusations is the latest extraordinary twist in a tumultous seven days which has shaken Mr Murdoch's British newspaper empire and almost certainly killed his £9bn bid for BSkyB.

In a separate development, the Metropolitan Police today effectively accused News International of undermining Operation Elveden, its new inquiry into alleged corruption of police officers by journalists. In a statement, the Yard said it was "extremely concerned and disappointed that the continous release of selected information - that is only known by a small number of people - could have a significant impact on the corruption investigation."

News International is understood to have given an undertaking that no information about emails supplied to Scotland Yard relating to the alleged payments would be made public prior to early August.

Independent News Service