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I make no apology for standing up for Britain, Cameron tells rivals

BRITISH Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday told the House of Commons he would "make no apology for standing up for Britain" by blocking treaty changes to shore up the eurozone, forcing the other EU members to strike their own "fiscal compact" outside the official treaty framework.

But he was accused of making a "catastrophic mistake" by Labour leader Ed Miliband, who urged him to re-enter negotiations with the other 26 EU states to try to get a better deal.

The clash came in the final session of Prime Minister's Questions before Christmas, at which Mr Cameron was flanked on the government frontbench by his Liberal Democrat deputy Nick Clegg, who has described the failure to get a deal at last week's European Council summit as "bad for Britain".

Mr Miliband said that Mr Cameron had promised the coalition would operate in a "collegiate" way, and asked: "What's gone wrong?"

But Mr Cameron -- buoyed by a boost in the polls -- retorted: "No one in this House is going to be surprised that Conservatives and Liberal Democrats don't always agree about Europe . . . I make no apology for standing up for Britain."

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