Thursday 19 April 2018

'I know I'm going to die': student sent final text after taking toxic diet pills

Eloise Parry
Eloise Parry

Matthew Cooper in London

A student sent a text message saying she knew she was going to die after taking toxic "slimming pills" and driving herself to hospital, an inquest has heard.

Eloise Parry (21) apologised to her university lecturer for "being so stupid" in the heartbreaking message, sent around four hours before her death.

An inquest in Shrewsbury was told Ms Parry, who had a history of bulimia, died after taking eight unlicensed tablets containing dinitrophenol (DNP), which she bought online.

Shropshire Coroner John Ellery, who ruled that the death was accidental, said he would be writing to the government urging a review of the classification of DNP, which is marketed online as a "fat burning" pill.

The student's mother said if the drug had been banned, her daughter "would have taken more seriously the warnings about how dangerous it was".

Supported by family, including Eloise's younger sister Rebecca, Mrs Parry also paid tribute to Eloise as "a real character" who was full of life.

She said: "She had so much potential - of my five children she was definitely the brightest - and it is such a waste when we lose a young person. All that potential is gone and lost.

"She should have had a whole lifetime ahead of her, doing things, enjoying things, and it's gone."

Urging others not to be tempted into using DNP, Mrs Parry went on: "If somebody as capable as her can make that mistake, it really worries me that other people will, so I want people to know how much it cost her, in the hope they will realise how serious those warnings are."

The hour-long inquest was told Eloise drove herself to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital hours after taking DNP at her flat on April 12.

In a text message sent while she was at the hospital, Eloise apologised to her lecturer and tutors at Glyndwr University in Wrexham for "being so stupid".

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