Wednesday 22 November 2017

I am your defender, Breivik tells prosecutors

Mass killer Anders Behring Breivik sits in the courtroom in Oslo. Photo: Reuters
Mass killer Anders Behring Breivik sits in the courtroom in Oslo. Photo: Reuters

Richard Orange in Oslo

Anders Behring Breivik has demanded that his two ethnic Norwegian prosecutors recognise him as the true "defender of their heritage".

Fixing prosecutors Inga Bejer Ingh and Svein Holden with a stare, he attacked their argument that his extreme anti-islamic ideology was the result of "delusions" and "very arrogant".

"Bejer Engh, a beautiful Nordic woman, should recognise the defender of her own heritage," he said. "And Holden, a beautiful young Nordic man, should recognise the defender of his own genealogy."

Judge Wenche Arntzen stopped him, cautioning him for commenting on the prosecutors and not information from the witness.

The 33-year-old extremist has always denied being a racist or a fascist, arguing that he defends the rights of indigenous people across the world, likening the condition of today's Norwegians to Native Americans in the 19th Century.

He expressed satisfaction that Randi Rosenqvist, a consulting psychiatrist who saw him in prison, told the court she believed it was his extreme ideology that had led him to plan and carry out last year's brutal massacre, rather than paranoid schizophrenia or another mental disorder.

Dr Rosenqvist was one of 18 psychiatrists called as witnesses in the trial to help the court conclude on the central question of whether Breivik should be held criminally accountable for his crimes.

Breivik admits to killing eight people with a bomb in Oslo, and then killing 69 more during a gun rampage at a Labour party youth camp on the island of Utoya. But, he claims that the deaths were necessary to alert Norway to the threat of Islamic immigration.

The trial continues.

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