Monday 22 January 2018

How to avoid last orders and get served first at the bar

Richard Gray

Scientists have identified the body language that ensures bartenders will serve you first in a busy bar. A winning smile is one way of getting served at the bar.

They examined the behaviour of customers in nightclubs to see which behaviours were most successful. The tactic with the greatest success was standing squarely to the bar and looking directly at the bartender as they moved around.

For those that prefer to sidle up to the counter in an attempt to squeeze between other customers, then their approach may actually leave them waiting for longer.

The scientists also found that talking to friends and looking at a menu meant customers were less successful at getting served.

Gesturing with a hand or head to the barman was also not as successful as might have been expected, while holding a wallet or money in a hand did have some success.

While the findings might seem obvious, the researchers, based at the Bielefeld University in Germany, conducted the work to help them develop a robotic bartender.

The researchers, whose work is published in the journal 'Frontiers in Psychology', analysed 105 attempts to order drinks at nightclubs in Germany and in Edinburgh in Scotland. (©Daily Telegraph London)

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