Wednesday 25 April 2018

Homesick, unhappy Turkish man stabbed his wife and her mother to death – court told

Tim Moynihan

A MAN stabbed his wife and mother-in-law to death in a "senseless slaughter", a court heard today.

Turkish national Ensar Gol, 22, returned home in the early hours of the morning, took a knife from the kitchen and went upstairs to the bedroom where he repeatedly stabbed his wife Michala, 28, Oxford Crown Court was told.

Her mother Julie Sahin, 50, and a family friend, Casey Wilson, 20, ran upstairs and tried to intervene, but were both stabbed, Mrs Sahin fatally, said Dafydd Enoch, prosecuting.

"Casey Wilson is lucky to be alive," Mr Enoch said.

Gol, of Ireton Court, Thame, Oxfordshire, denies two counts of murder and one of attempted murder on September 4 last year.

Mr Enoch said: "He was clearly unhappy, the marriage was clearly unhappy, he was clearly homesick, but none of this can even begin to explain the cold acts of murder in which he indulged - senseless slaughter born out of premeditated ruthless violence."

Mr Enoch told the jury of seven women and five men Michala had been upstairs in the bedroom and their three-year-old daughter was asleep in a corner of the same room.

Their two-year-old son was asleep in another bedroom.

Mrs Sahin was watching television with Ms Wilson in the living room. It was in fact Mrs Sahin's house, and her husband was out working at a restaurant.

Mr Enoch said: "Mr Gol attacked Michala with the knife, stabbing her repeatedly in the area of the neck. She was never to get up from the bed. She was killed right there by him with the knife, defenceless and in front of her daughter.

"She desperately tried to protect herself with her arms and legs, but he was too strong and powerful for her, her injuries were horrendous, and she bled a lot."

Mrs Sahin and Ms Wilson ran upstairs to investigate.

"In the bedroom they saw Mr Gol kneeling over his wife, stabbing her repeatedly."

They tried to pull him away but Ms Wilson fell on to the bedroom floor.

"He stabbed her with the knife, it was a quite deliberate act on his part. She didn't see the knife, and thought she was being punched. He stabbed her several times."

Gol turned his attention away from Ms Wilson and she fled the house to call police, not sure where Mrs Sahin was.

When she returned to the house with a paramedic, Gol had disappeared - with the daughter.

Ms Wilson could see Julie Sahin lying motionless, face down, on the ground floor of the house.

Mr Enoch said: "Julie's blood was found in the bedroom, on the landing, on the walls of the staircase, suggesting she had been attacked several times. She had been stabbed repeatedly in the area of the neck."

Mr Enoch said the scene was "like something from an X-rated horror film".

Gol then went into the town centre, with his daughter in one hand and the knife he had used to kill her mother in the other.

There is CCTV footage of him taking her to a pizza shop and handing her over to Mrs Sahin's husband, Mr Enoch said.

He was then heard saying in Turkish on a mobile phone "I told you I'd cut them, didn't I? Would I lie to you?"

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