Friday 23 February 2018

Hollande: Twitter row is 'private'

Kim Willsher in Paris

Francois Hollande yesterday shrugged off the recent controversy surrounding his partner, Valerie Trierweiler.

After a military parade and a lunch to celebrate Bastille Day, Mr Hollande gave a live television interview, reinstating the traditional July 14 presidential address abandoned by Nicolas Sarkozy. He referred to the Twitter scandal involving Ms Trierweiler, who caused a storm after tweeting support for an election rival of Segolene Royal -- Mr Hollande's former partner and the mother of his children.

Ms Royal, 58, went on to lose her parliamentary seat and see her political ambitions in tatters. As Mr Hollande's children voiced their displeasure at Ms Trierweiler's comments, the scandal quickly became known as Dynasty-sur-Seine. Then, Mr Hollande's eldest son -- Thomas, 27, -- suggested he and his siblings wanted nothing more to do with Ms Trierweiler. The role of the president's partner has also been questioned after she decided to continue working as a journalist.

Mr Hollande was asked about the Twitter row and said: "I am for a clear distinction between public and private life. I believe private matters should be regulated in private and I have asked those close to me to respect this."

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