Tuesday 23 January 2018

'Hissing Sid' evicted after river rampage

Andrew Hough in London

AN aggressive swan known as "Hissing Sid" has been evicted from its riverbank home in the UK and moved almost 40 miles away after a series of attacks -- including one that almost caused a teenage girl to drown.

The vicious bird used its powerful wings to attack hundreds of rowers and canoeists on the River Chelmer in Chelmsford, Essex, its home for the past two decades.

The 22lb swan would patrol the busy river terrorising users on a daily basis, attempting to drown them with his flapping wings or pecking holes in boats.

Local canoeists had to seek expert help to stop the attacks by the nationally protected bird.

The canoeists approached officials for permission to remove the swan, his mate and his six cygnets from the area, but were told they had to wait until the cygnets grew.

The swans were eventually placed in special bags and driven to the isolated Gallows Hill Quarry, in Suffolk, where they have been living in peace since. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

Irish Independent

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