Sunday 22 April 2018

Himmler convinced he could turn sand into gold

HEINRICH Himmler set up a secret unit in the Dachau concentration camp after becoming convinced that he could turn sand into gold, according to a new book.

The SS chief appointed Karl Malchus as his personal alchemist after the scientist approached him with a proposal to produce gold in 1937. The book, 'Hitler's Alchemists -- The Secret Attempts to Manufacture Gold in Dachau', by Helmut Werner, alleges that Himmler was the victim of a con trick and that Malchus was working for British intelligence.

Malchus claimed a process involving paraffin, stones and soil from the bed of the Isar River in Munich "will allow me to produce gold in abundance for the security of the Third Reich".

His scheme was eventually rumbled and he was jailed in Dachau. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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