Saturday 24 February 2018

Gunman says he's 'satisfied' after killing four people

Tom Worden

A CRAZED gunman killed his two bosses and two bank workers yesterday before telling police: "Now I'm satisfied."

Builder Pere Puig Punti (57) went on the rampage after being informed he would be out of a job after Christmas.

The single loner walked into a cafe, where his father and son bosses Joan and Angel Tubert where having breakfast, and blasted them to death with a rifle.

He then drove to a bank where he shot dead deputy manager Rafael Torro and cashier Anna Pujol.

Puig Punti, a keen hunter, was then seized by armed police in the town of Olot, in the province of Girona in north-east Spain.

The bloodbath began at 8.30am yesterday in a bar called La Vuina de l'Anna in the village of La Canya.

Without saying a word the gunman opened fire as customers dived for cover.

He killed Joan Tubert (62) and his son Angel (35) the owners of Construccions Tubert where the gunman worked.


Reports in Spain said Puig Punti had recently been told there would be no work for him after Christmas and he had been unpaid for several months.

Bar owner Guzman Sanchez said: "There were nine or 10 other customers who dived for cover when he started shooting.

"I dived behind the bar. It was terrifying.

"He didn't say anything. He walked in with the rifle, started shooting and then ran out."

Puig Punti, who lives with his father, then drove two miles to the Caja de Ahorros del Mediterraneo bank in Olot, where he gunned down two more victims.

Mr Turro (40) the deputy manager, was a father of two girls aged four and eight, and cashier Anna Pujol (50) was a mother of one and a grandmother of one.

An armed police patrol spotted Puig Punit's car parked outside the branch and he was arrested as he walked out of the bank.

He was overheard telling police "I have just killed four people. Now I'm satisfied."

One local described the gunman as "a little bit strange, but not a violent man", and said he used to walk around wearing a sheriff's outfit including a fake pistol and star.

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