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Groom promises to love bride even when she needs bladder control pants in viral video hit


Wedding day: Bryan Lacey and Hannah Brown

Wedding day: Bryan Lacey and Hannah Brown

Wedding day: Bryan Lacey and Hannah Brown

IT WAS enough to melt the heart of his bride and now it has impacted on women everywhere.

When comedian Bryan Lacey (32) wed the girl of his dreams he wanted to mark the occasion with an original performance.

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And the song he composed and sang to Hannah Brown has become a viral YouTube hit in the process.

Entitled ‘Caravan in Hull’ it explores the future he hopes to have with the new Mrs Lacey, promising to love her even when she needs a stairlift, bladder control pants and a zimmer frame.

The up and coming comedy star, who has gigged alongside Dara O’Briain, reveals his own bad habits including snoring, dribbling while asleep and sporting a hairy chest.

The song chronicles how he proposed to Hannah at the top of the Empire State building and reveals how he is punching well above his weight with his new bride.

His brother-in-law shot his performance on his mobile phone and it has been shared thousands of times on social networks since.

The wedding took place in Berkshire, England and the couple are currently on honeymoon.