Saturday 21 April 2018

Greece feels fallout from the German pinch

"It would be a huge, historical injustice if the country from which European culture sprang ... reached bankruptcy and was led, due to one more mistake, to national isolation and national despair."

Lucas Papademos, Greek PM.

"We are facing destruction. Our country, our home has become ripe for burning. The centre of Athens is in flames."

Costis Hatzidakis, Greek parliamentarian.

"The promises from Greece aren't enough for us any more ... In Greece the realisation that something has to change, still has to take place among many. German unification only came because the people of East Germany didn't want to go on living as they had done ... the majority of Germans are still in favour of helping. But it cannot be a bottomless pit. The Greeks have to finally build a bottom to their pit. Then we can add something."

Wolfgang Schauble, German finance minister.

"I do not accept having my country taunted by Mr Schauble. As a Greek I do not accept this. Who is Mr Schauble to taunt Greece? Who are the Dutch? Who are the Finns?"

Karolos Papoulias, Greek president, and former resistance fighter during the Nazi occupation.

"In the euro area there are plenty who don't want us any more. There are some playing with fire, domestically and abroad."

Evangelos Venizelos, Greek finance minister.

"There's no alternative to drastic treatment for Greece, and the time for that treatment has come."

Rainer Bruderle, leader of the German minority partners in government.

"In the economy, it is not just about calculation. Affection and solidarity -- what we call a communion of spirit -- can truly defeat the difficulties we have in front of us."

Yves Deniaud, French parliamentarian.

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