Tuesday 12 November 2019

Grab a prawn while you can - scientists say that all seafood will run out by 2050

Cod being sold at market.
Cod being sold at market.

Sarah-Jane Murphy

Scientists have warned that the world's seafood supply will be almost non-existent by 2050.

Marine biologists have conducted a four-year study of over 7,500 marine species and have found that their long-term future does not make for happy reading.

They estimate that by the year 2048 seafood catches will have declined by 90 per cent.

The study, undertaken by an international group of ecologists and economists, revealed that the loss of biodiversity impairs the ability of oceans to feed the world's growing human population, which is expected to rise to a staggering nine billion by 2050.

Over-fishing threatens the stability of marine environments, correspondingly reducing the ocean's ability to produce fish.

This week's edition of Science Magazine is keen to stress that all marine species matter when it comes to the ocean's ability to repair itself.

"This is what is projected, not predicted, to happen.

"I am confident we will not go there because we will do something about it.

"But if this trend continues in this predictable fashion, as it has for the last 50 years, the world's currently fished seafoods will have reached what we define as collapse by 2048," Dr Boris Worm, lead scientist told the Telegraph.

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