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Gordon Ramsay's father-in-law exposed as love cheat


Chris Hutcheson and wife Greta pictured in 2006. Photo: Getty Images

Chris Hutcheson and wife Greta pictured in 2006. Photo: Getty Images

Chris Hutcheson and wife Greta pictured in 2006. Photo: Getty Images

Gordon Ramsay's father-in-law and former business partner Chris Hutcheson fathered two love children and had a string of mistresses, it was claimed today.

The details of his private life emerged in the UK papers after he failed in a bid to obtain an injunction to gag the press in a privacy case involving his family.

Last October Mr Hutcheson, 62, was sacked as Chief Executive of Gordon Ramsay's restaurant empire.

There followed a string of accusations in the British press in which Mr Hutcheson accused Ramsay of unreasonable behaviour, while Ramsay hinted at Mr Hutcheson's double life.

After he was fired he called Ramsay an egotistical 'monster' in an interview, saying he had become warped by the celebrity lifestyle. "I have dealt with his breakdowns for years," he said. "It is like a tsunami when he gets going. He is schizophrenic... sometimes he is calm and sometimes he is absolutely manic."

In reply Ramsay wrote an open letter to his mother-in-law Greta accusing Mr Hutcheson of being a 'dictator', leading a 'very complex life', and saying ominously: "His away days were rarely what I thought they were."

Mr Hutcheson also previously accused Ramsay of 'poisoning' his daughter Tana, Ramsay's wife, making her 'warped' against the family.

In the letter published in a London newspaper, Ramsay says: "Removing my father-in-law from my business has been the hardest and most important decision in my entire life," before going on to admit he employed a private detective to look into the affairs of Mr Hutcheson.

Today it was reported that he had an affair with a woman named Francis Collins and fathered a son and daughter, Christopher and Victoria who took their father's name.

Recent photographs of Mr Hutcheson showed him holding hands with an accountant Sara Stewart, 49.

Mr Hutcheson can be named after the Court of Appeal partially lifted a cloak of anonymity over the legal action.

He was ''not a public figure, not a premiership footballer'' and he did not hold any public office or official position.

Mr Hutcheson was sacked by his celebrity chef son-in-law last October in a very public falling out.