Monday 23 April 2018

Gold mine protests

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About 2,500 people demonstrated in Romania's capital yesterday against a planned Canadian gold mine that would use cyanide in the extraction process. The project would create the biggest gold mine in Europe.

"Save Rosia Montana," the protesters shouted, referring to the town in northwest Romania where the mine would be. The protesters in Bucharest's University Square joined environmentalists and historians in urging lawmakers not to pass legislation that would approve the mine.


Israel has issued a complaint to the US about Palestinian officials leaking classified details about peace negotiations, the Israeli government has confirmed.

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators had pledged they would not speak publicly about the content of their talks. But a Palestinian official offered the first detailed peek at the renewed peace negotiations. The Israeli official said yesterday that some of the information the Palestinians had leaked was incorrect.


Dozens of masked protesters have hurled stones, burned barricades and clashed with police following a march to remember the victims of a 1973 coup that toppled Chilean President Salvador Allende.

Police responded with tear gas.

Sunday's disturbance broke out after a march honoring the roughly 40,000 people killed, imprisoned or tortured by the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet after he overthrew the socialist Allende in 1973.


A Chinese news agency says police have detained 16 people accused of blackmailing companies by threatening to spread phony news stories on the internet.

The Xinhua News Agency yesterday said four groups set up websites that said falsely that they were run by the ruling Communist Party or government and threatened to post damaging information online. The report said some of the information about companies was true but others paid to suppress reports they knew were false for fear their reputations might be hurt.


A court in Bangladesh's capital indicted four bloggers yesterday for their allegedly inflammatory writings about Islam and its Prophet Muhammad.

Metropolitan Sessions Court Judge Zahurul Haque said he had accepted the charges filed by police in two separate cases. If convicted, the bloggers, who pleaded not guilty, could face up to 14 years in jail.

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