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Wednesday 22 November 2017

Girls plied with drugs and raped by sex ring, court hears

Sam Marsden

A GANG of Asian men groomed vulnerable under-age girls for sex and subjected them to abuse that was "perverted in the extreme", a court heard yesterday.

The girls were plied with drugs, including crack cocaine and heroin, then taken to hotels and empty houses in Oxford and sold for sex to strangers who came from across the country to rape them, London's Old Bailey has been told.

The "depraved" abuse could last for several days at a time and the girls, some aged as young as 11, were guarded so they could not escape.

One victim, who was repeatedly raped, beaten and threatened and had cigarettes stubbed out on her skin, began self-harming and described her life as a "living hell".

The gang allegedly ran a child-prostitution ring over a period of nearly eight years, targeting young girls with troubled backgrounds, some of them living in children's homes.

Some of them had been sexually exploited by other men in the past and on occasion they were made to find other girls for the group to abuse, the court heard.

The men would "groom" the girls by giving them presents and showing them the attention they craved in order to exploit their vulnerability.

Noel Lucas QC, prosecuting, said: "Having secured the confidence of the girls, the men would ply them with alcohol and introduce them to drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, crack cocaine and even heroin.

"This had the effect of making the girls addicted to certain of the drugs. This made them even more dependent on the men."

The gang took the girls to private homes, hotels and guest houses in Oxford, where other men, who had travelled specially from as far afield as Bradford, Leeds and London, paid to have sex with them, the court heard.

Some of the six girls in the case – aged between 11 and 15 – were also taken to other cities, including Bournemouth and London, to be sold to abusers.

The victims told police they were usually given so many drugs that they were barely aware of what was going on, adding that this was the only way they could cope with what happened to them.

One of the girls, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was described by her mother as a "sweet and innocent" girl until she began going missing from home in 2005.

However, after she began being sexually abused by the gang, she started to come home covered in bruises and burns, and would become "angry, confrontational and aggressive".


The court heard that she would be away from home for as long as eight days at a time, spending the whole time "wasted" on either drink or drugs while she was abused and degraded by men who paid to rape her.

In 2006 she twice made reports to police.

It took the court clerk more than half-an-hour to read all 51 charges on the indictment, which date from between May 2004 and January 2012 and relate to six girls aged between 11 and 15 at the time of the alleged abuse.

Akhtar Dogar (32); his brother Anjum Dogar (30); Kamir Jamil (27); Mohammed Karrar (28); his brother Bassan Karrar (33); Assad Hussain (32); Mohammed Hussain (24); Zeeshan Ahmed (27), all of Oxford, and Bilal Ahmed (26), of Maidenhead, Kent, deny all the charges.

The trial continues. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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