Saturday 26 May 2018

Gestapo letter shows Hitler spared Jew from Holocaust

Matthew Day in Warsaw

ADOLF Hitler made a personal intervention to spare a Jew from the Holocaust, a letter from Gestapo files has revealed.

Hitler made the dramatic intervention to protect Ernst Hess, his old company commander from the trenches of the First World War, who had risen to be a judge in Germany.

In a letter dated August 27, 1941, to the Dusseldorf Gestapo, Heinrich Himmler, one of the architects of the Final Solution, instructed the secret police to grant Hess "the relief and the protection as per the Fuhrer's wishes". Himmler also instructed all authorities that Hitler's old comrade in arms was not "to be in-opportuned in any way whatsoever".

The letter was found in a Gestapo file on Hess by Susanne Mauss, editor of newspaper 'Jewish Voice' from Germany.

Hess was christened a Protestant, but had a Jewish mother. Under Nazi race laws, that made him "a full-blooded Jew" and a prime target for persecution and eventual murder.

Historians believe the Hitler link lost its use by 1942. He was later sent to the Milbertshofen concentration camp near Munich. He survived the war and died in Frankfurt in 1983. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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