Saturday 24 February 2018

Gay bull Benjy gives us bum steer as he falls for Jezebel

Benjy the
Benjy the "gay bull" has been castrated after becoming romantically involved with an elderly female cow named Jezebel
Claire Mc Cormack

Claire Mc Cormack

Benjy the "gay bull" has been castrated after becoming romantically involved with an elderly female cow named Jezebel.

Farm keepers at Hillside Animal Sanctuary in the UK made the decision after the famous "non-performing" Mayo bull was spotted "frolicking" with Jezebel in a field.

Hillside founder Wendy Valentine told the Sunday Independent how she caught Benjy in the act.

"It's such a large farm and it's hard to keep an eye on all the animals all the time, but before he was castrated, he was trying to jump on her and was getting quite friendly," she said. "Personally, I never believed he was gay in the first place - but someone thinking he was gay saved his life."

Last November, Benjy was rescued from the slaughterhouse by The Simpsons producer Sam Simon, who donated €6,300 to buy the animal and transport him to the sanctuary to live out the rest of his natural life it peace. But, now, it seems the sexuality of the Charolais bull was not as it seemed.

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Benjy met Jezebel on his first day at the 1,000 acre farmland in Norwich.

"When he came, he was beside three old cows and one of their sons, Alex. He was saying 'hello' to all of them, but most of the photos showed Benjy nose to nose with the young male calf," said Ms Valentine, adding "everyone said it was his first kiss".

However, behind the cameras, Benjy became "quite fond" of Jezebel - an elderly cow who moved to Hillside after her owner, an old lady, passed away.

When asked whether the animal is bisexual, Ms Valentine said: "I can't get into that really, he is just a baby, he is only just three so he is only growing up and going through lots of changes."

For now, Benjy has gone out to grass with three females, Jezebel, Gertie and Isabelle, and 30 other cows.

However, the bullock has "put on a lot of weight", and is continuing to enjoy his new-found freedom with 2,000 other animals, including 100 pigs, 500 sheep and goats, 1,200 horses, two emus, three ostriches and hundreds of turkeys, hens and ducks.

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