Saturday 24 February 2018

Gangster at centre of royal scandal shot dead

Sweden's King Carl Gustaf. Reuters
Sweden's King Carl Gustaf. Reuters

Charlotte McDonald-Gibson

The underworld figure, who claimed to have compromising photographs of Sweden's King Carl Gustaf, right, enjoying the hospitality at his notorious strip club, has been shot dead in Stockholm.

Mille Markovic, a Serbian-Swedish businessman with a string of criminal convictions, was found slumped in his vehicle outside his home with gunshot wounds to his head.

The former boxer had been convicted and served jail times for a range of crimes. But it was his role in the scandal that engulfed the royal family in 2011 that cemented his notoriety.

It began with the publication of a biography, 'The Reluctant Monarch', which contained lurid allegations about the king's private life and portrayed him as a serial philander with a taste for sex parties and strip clubs.

Markovic was believed to be a key source for the book and claimed to have photographic evidence of the king's visits.

King Gustaf, now 67, did not help matters by giving a rambling statement in which he did not directly deny the allegations

Events took another twist when it emerged that a close friend of the king, Anders Lettstrom, had approached Markovic, asked him what material he had, and what price he would demand to hand it over. The king later denied all knowledge of Mr Lettstrom's intervention, distanced himself from his friend, and denied visiting the specific strip clubs mentioned in the book. (© Independent News Service)

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