Thursday 23 November 2017

From the young nanny to the banker who fought them off with a skateboard: The five still missing

Sebastien Belanger CREDIT: FACEBOOK
Sebastien Belanger CREDIT: FACEBOOK
Ignacio Echeverría, 39 CREDIT: RED CROSS

Helena Horton

The friends and family of people who went missing after the London Bridge terror attack have been reaching out on social media for help.

Seven people were killed and over 50 injured, 21 critically so, after terrorists drove a van into pedestrians and then rampaged around Borough Market stabbing people with 12-inch knives.

Here is all we know on the missing.

Sara Zelenak, 21

Sebastien Belanger CREDIT: FACEBOOK

A 21-year-old Australian has not been heard from since she was last seen on London Bridge on Saturday night, prompting a desperate plea from her family.

In a Facebook post titled “Missing from London Terror Attack”, a family friend of Sara Zelenak, who has been working as a nanny, called out for people to share information about her possible whereabouts.

“Dear friends please can I ask you to share this post. My friend’s daughter, Sara Zelenak, was last seen on London Bridge and was witness to the terror attacks,” says the message, which has since been removed.

Xavier Thomas is pictured here CREDIT: FACEBOOK
Xavier Thomas is pictured here CREDIT: FACEBOOK
James McMullan is pictured here
Sebastien Belanger CREDIT: FACEBOOK

“She got separated from her friends and has not been seen since. Her phone has rang with no reply and now the battery must have gone… She calls her mum daily. It’s been over 24 hours with no news from the consulate.”

Ignacio Echeverría, 39

Ignacio Echeverría, 39 CREDIT: RED CROSS

A Spanish man who according to friends 'confronted' a terrorist who was stabbing a woman has gone missing.

Friends, family and the Spanish Red Cross have put out messages on social media, asking for the safe return of the HSBC worker.

According to his brother, the brave missing man fought off a terrorist using his skateboard.

His brother wrote on Facebook: "He was seen fallen down after defending a woman with his skate[board]."

According to Europa Press, Mr Echeverría’s friends said that he confronted the assailant and the next time they saw him he was lying on the pavement.

Since then, neither the family nor his friends have been able to contact him or find him in hospitals, despite having reported the situation to the Spanish consulate, the police, the hospitals in the area and HSBC.

Echeverría's family said that he was probably not carrying any ID documents as he had been returning home from playing sport.

Xavier Thomas

Xavier Thomas is pictured here CREDIT: FACEBOOK

A French man has gone missing after the London Bridge terror attack.

His girlfriend, Christine Delcros, was reportedly seriously injured in the attack and is recovering in hospital.

Xavier was out with a group of friends, all from France, but they have not been able to find him since.

Christine’s sister asked people on Facebook to share her message, saying Xavier was not one of the four French people found after the attack.

She said: "We're en route to London, my sister Christine Delcros and her boyfriend Xavier Thomas have been victims of the #attack #London #londonattack  on the #londonbridge. My sister is seriously injured and hospitalised

"I appeal to all those who have news of #Xavier #Thomas who is missing... We're terribly worried..."

Sebastien Belanger

Sebastien Belanger CREDIT: FACEBOOK

Sebastien Belanger went missing after the attack.

His girlfriend of eight months Gerda Bennet was in Malta at the time and is heading to London to search for him.

She wrote: “I still have no news. Please if anyone has seen him or knows anything contact me.”

The 22-year-old said Sebastien was “exactly at the place where the attack happened” and has not heard from him for more than 24 hours.

Ms Bennet wrote: "“He was watching the football match in the Barrowboy and Banker and when the match was finished he and his two friends started to walk to another bar to have another drink and there was a car crash or something.

“The guys he was with said there were about five to ten seconds when everyone was shouting and they just started running and that’s when they lost him.

“One of his friends said one of the guys with the knife was very close by when they started to run.”

Gerda said the last time Sebastien was online was 10pm yesterday and that they had last exchanged text messages at about 5pm.

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