Friday 23 February 2018

Former Olympian Liz McColgan found not guilty of assaulting husband

Karrie Gillett in Glasgow

Former Olympic runner Liz McColgan has been found not guilty of assaulting her estranged husband at their family home.

The 47-year-old said she was glad the "judge saw sense today" after she was cleared of the alleged attack on her husband, Peter McColgan, in July 2011.

Speaking outside Arbroath Sheriff Court after the not guilty verdict was delivered by the sheriff, she said: "This has been a really hard six months.

"I've had a very, very tough life with Peter McColgan, it hasn't been easy and nobody knows the true story of it and today's verdict just proved I'm on the way to a new life now."

Mr McColgan (48) earlier told the court how the couple had tried "lots of times" to make their marriage work before they agreed it was over. He said he had suspected his wife was having an affair after finding messages on Facebook.


George Donnelly, defending, asked Mr McColgan if he had used spyware software to "keep an eye" on his wife.

Mr McColgan replied: "I used it because I thought she was having an affair and when I did use it my suspicions were verified. I saw a conversation on Facebook."

Mr McColgan visited a solicitor in July 2011 after it became clear the marriage was not working, he said.

He told the court he was at their home making dinner for two of the children when his wife came home unexpectedly.

"I just heard the door open and someone shout 'Mum', I was totally surprised." He said his wife came straight in "shouting about a solicitor's letter she had received".

He said he tried explaining to Mrs McColgan that she had told him to see a solicitor in a text message: "It did not make any impact at all. She started coming over and started prodding me in the stomach."

He said he felt two punches to his face and pointed to his left jaw.

Sheriff Pyle told Mrs McColgan that he was "not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt" that she had attacked her husband, and found her not guilty.

Irish Independent

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