Thursday 14 December 2017

Fellow prisoner admits attempting to kill Soham murderer Ian Huntley

Dave Higgens

A fellow prisoner has admitted trying to kill Soham murderer Ian Huntley.

Damien Fowkes, 35, pleaded guilty at Hull Crown Court today to slashing Huntley's throat in Frankland Prison, Durham, in March last year.

Fowkes, from Northampton, also admitted the manslaughter of child killer Colin Hatch, who was strangled at Full Sutton Prison near York in February this year.

He was initially charged with Hatch's murder but his plea of guilty to manslaughter was accepted on the grounds of his diminished responsibility.

Fowkes stood in the sealed dock surrounded by five prison officers, wearing a grey sweatshirt and a black hat.

He has a large scar down the left side of his face and a tattoo down the right.

An application for him to come into court in handcuffs was rejected by the judge.

The prisoner spoke to confirm his name and enter his pleas.

He denied murdering Hatch but admitted manslaughter.

Graham Reeds, prosecuting, said this plea was acceptable.

The court heard how Fowkes shows "strong psychopathic traits".

The court heard that Fowkes attacked Huntley on the healthcare wing at Frankland, where the Soham killer had been working.

Using a home-made weapon, he slashed Huntley, causing a "severe gaping cut to the left side of his neck".

The judge was told the wound was 7in (18cm) long and required 21 stitches.

Mr Reeds said: "It was good fortune that it missed all the vital structures in the neck."

He said Fowkes asked a prison officer: "Is he dead? I hope so."

When he asked if he had killed Huntley and was told he had not, Fowkes said: "I wish I had."

Mr Reeds said the weapon used was "fashioned from a razor that was melted on to the handle of a knife or some other plastic utensil".

He described Huntley as a "notorious child killer, both inside prison and in society in general".

He went on: "The defendant has since expressed a particular hatred for child killers."

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