Tuesday 23 January 2018

Family forced to flee after hundreds of 'deadly' spiders found in bananas


A family were forced to flee their home when they discovered hundreds of potentially deadly spiders crawling out of a bunch of bananas purchased from a local shop.

Father-of two Jamie Roberts said he noticed white patches on the bananas after placing them in a bowl but assumed it was simply mould, until hundreds of spiders began scuttling from the fruit.

Mr Roberts, who already suffers from arachnophobia, told Mail Online he then rang pest control who advised the whole family to leave the property immediately.

Their Staffordshire home had to be evacuated for three days as toxic fumes were used to kill the spiders and make the property safe again.

Although the eight-legged creatures have not been formally identified, Mr Roberts suspects they could have been Brazilian Wandering Spiders, which appear in the Guinness World Records from 2010 as the world's most venomous spider.

The arachnids are commonly known as the ‘banana spider’ and harbour a venom known as neurotoxin – a poison that can induce a total loss of muscle control, breathing problems, partial paralysis and eventual asphyxiation.

Mr Roberts described the whole experience as "terrifying". He said: “I could see tiny legs and realised they were spiders. At that point, I wasn’t too concerned because I thought they looked dead.

“I started to sweep the patches into the bin but then they all started moving.

“It was like something out of a horror film because suddenly the window sill was moving with hundreds of these spiders.

"They [pest control] said they couldn’t be sure what kind of species of spider they were because you can only do that when they are fully grown but they looked identical to the deadly Brazilian Wandering Spiders."

His wife Crystal added: “I unpacked the bananas from the cellophane wrapper and put it in the bin so it’s possible the ‘queen spider’ may have been in there.

“I looked up different types of spiders online and found they looked identical to Brazilian Wandering Spiders.”

In November last year, a family were forced to evacuate their home when a woman purchased bananas crawling with hundreds of spiders also believed to be Brazilian wandering spiders

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