Wednesday 21 February 2018

Ex-minister warns of EU vote 'vitriol'

Yvette Cooper
Yvette Cooper

David Hughes

Labour former minister Yvette Cooper said "vitriol" in the EU referendum debate could be "very destructive", adding that slain Jo Cox would have always stood against it.

Ms Cooper told BBC Radio: "There has been an increase in vitriol, I think, in public debate. Some of that is directed towards MPs but some of it is people directing it at each other and that's never healthy.

"Passion is good and disagreements essential and there's probably inevitable anger but there is, I think, the feeling that there is more nastiness in public debate now and none of us would want to see that."

She added: "It's only four years since the Olympics where we had this real climate of everybody feeling proud together...and it does feel that the public mood about debate has changed very substantially since then."

Asked if the EU vote debate had become too nasty, Ms Cooper replied: "There is some vitriol as part of that debate which can be very destructive but I think the thing about Jo is she would have always stood against that."

Irish Independent

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